Choosing an Outboard Motor

Yamaha Outboards in Walker, MinnesotaYamaha Outboards in Walker, MinnesotaYamaha Outboards in Walker, MinnesotaYamaha Outboards in Walker, Minnesota

Choosing an Outboard Motor

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When you decide to buy a Yamaha outboard motor, it can be hard knowing just what to focus on. There are so many options out there - where do you start? We created the following guide to help you through the process. For all your boating needs, visit Resort Marine. We proudly serve those in Walker and Benedict, Minnesota.

Type of Motor

There are two general categories of motors available to you: the two-stroke and the four-stroke. Most people will encourage you to go with a four-stroke and most of the time they are right. There are some key differences between the two. Four-stroke outboards will burn straight gas using a cylinder, which circulates lubricating oil throughout a different system. The gasoline is never supposed to mix with the oil. In fact, if it does that signals a breakdown of some kind.

Two-stroke outboards, in contrast, will mix the oil and gas together. it gets received by the carburetor or injector, which puts it directly into the cylinder using an intake valve. At the same time, the exhaust valve opens up. Around twenty percent of the fuel gets released without being burned. there are also two-stroke direct fuel injection engines. These models have the fuel sprayed directly into the cylinder with precise timing. At the same time, the piston covers the exhaust valve. This helps ensure no fuel is lost.

Number of Motors

Once you know which type of motor you want, your next decision is how many motors you want. There are many reasons to go with dual motors. These are often spotted on offshore fishing applications but can be found on other boats as well. Many users enjoy the peace of mind that comes with two engines. If one gets damaged or lost, you still have another outboard motor to get you back at home. It also helps make the docking process easier. The engines each have propellers that rotate in opposite directions. The downside, of course, is the cost. Two outboard engines cost more than one outboard engine. Not every boat captain is in a position to pay that steeper price. If you can afford it, then give yourself the ease and peace of mind of two engines. If not, you'll have to stick with just one.

Size of Motors

In the olden days, a smaller motor was a guaranteed disappointment. Due to plenty of innovation and technological advancements, smaller outboard engines aren't as concerning as they used to be. But it's still important to make sure you don't under-power your boat. If you don't have enough power coming from your outboard motor, then you won't ever be able to enjoy your boat's full potential. Why pay all that money for that powerful of a boat you will never be able to fully access? In general, it's best to go with your boat maker's maximum rating. That way, you know you are using your boat's full potential without risking it going overboard. Keep in mind too whether you may want to sell your boat down the road. It can be harder to find a buyer if you stick your boat with a lower power outboard motor. It's a bigger financial investment now to buy a more powerful one, but it can help you sell your boat later.

Ready to get a Yamaha outboard motor? Visit Resort Marine. We proudly serve those in Walker and Benedict, Minnesota. We also offer a service department ready to help.

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